Saw Palmetto Honey

Raw Saw Palmetto Honey
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Raw Saw Palmetto honey has long been used for healthful reasons–acne, weight gain, prostrate enlargement, hair loss and allergies, but it tastes good, too!

Raw means the honey has not been pasteurized or filtered. As a result, raw honey contains 22 amino acids, over 5,000 enzymes and 7 vitamins of the B complex group. It is an instant-energy food with antioxidants. Some studies show that honey's antioxidants eliminate free radicals in the body and are a part of the nutrient supply for growth of new tissue.

Primarily found in Florida, Saw Palmetto Honey has a rich-yellow color and robust, slightly citrus flavor. Popular uses include in tea, baking and with pork.

Saw Palmettos grow in dense thickets in sandy coastal lands or as undergrowth in pine woods.Saw Palmetto plants and their berries are abundant throughout Florida, producing fruit one time a year. The fruits are approximately the size of an olive.

From Peace River Bees.

Each jar is 16 oz.

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