Gallberry Honey

Thomas Honey Gallberry Honey
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  • Manufacturer: Thomas Honey Company

Gallberry HoneyPure Raw Gallberry Honey from the Thomas Honey Company.

Gallberry Honey is a favorite honey in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. It is darker than many other honeys and is often used for baking, in coffee as a sweetener, used as a glaze on vegetables such as carrots and asparagus. Gallberry Honey is a stronger flavored honey with a mild tang and is prized for its rich taste.

Gallberry honey is produced from a small evergreen holly bush called Ilex Glabra, also known as Inkberry. These bushes are prevalent throughout Florida and grows naturally in our Pine Flatwoods. Click to learn more about Gallberry Honey.

The Thomas Honey Company is steep in honey tradition. They purchased their first bee hives in 1959 and have been beekeepers now for three generations and over 50 years. Produced in North Florida.

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